What Happened To Discipline?

I was at the grocery store recently and there was a little boy screaming and ranting at the top of his lungs. Everyone in the store within hearing distance stopped and turned to see what the ruckus was all about. It was simply a spoiled and undisciplined 6 or 7 year old having a fit over not being able to pick the most expensive and most sugar laden cereal he'd seen in commercials on TV and wanted. The sreaming continued up until they had left the store. At first I was upset by the boy's outburst but after considering the situation it was clear that his parents were at fault for not teaching him better behavior.

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I sympathize with parents who TRY to parent/comfort their kids. I hate to see parents who don't attempt to interact with their kids at all.

I am parent and I also feel like going crazy when my youngest son 2 years has a fit in the store, but honestly hugging or talking it out with them sometimes doesnt work. In order for them not to get there way they sometimes have to scream in out so it doesnt happen again. People stare and get annoyed but theres always two sides of the story...strong willed child of they might have a mental illness ofsome sort.

I agree and I openly glare at the parents of screaming kids while their parents make no attempt to try and calm their precious little cargo.i work in a stressful job and went shopping to be seranaded by a little brat screaming for 45 minutes while his mom and dad just grinned and pushed their buggy.UGHHHH I wish there could be child free shopping zones I cannot stand these ignorant lazy parents.People wonder why Co op students are getting mouthy and lazy just wait for the next generation of brats.

It drives me crazy with children Scream. I feel like climbing a Thorn Tree when little girls scream. Wow, what a shock to the Dendrites that is. I can't wear my hearing aides around those children.<br />
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Have you ever watched what a Chicken House full of chickens do when you honk a Truck Horn inside the Chicken House?... That's what happens to me! Holy Begebbers!!!!!