My Thoughts

I have many experience with my thoughts, so I am going to go backwards into last week. I have sat and have had full on full conversations with myself. This has happened last week. My sister and her boyfriend was upstairs in her room, and they heard me talking to myself. I have heard my voice in my head. I have been trying to control my voice from coming into my head. I have literally tried to hear my voice in my head. I have a very big forehead. I have expressed love in the wrong way for way too long. I want to express it with a woman. I just didn't know what was stopping me all this time. I would just keep on expressing love the wrong way. I did finally read something in the bible, that gave me some insight, but that is 7 years too late.

I just wished that I didn't express my love (*****) for the wrong reason. Now to go through 6 days of this.
chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Aug 11, 2010