A Friendless Soul!

I am happy and contented with my life, but I seem to have the shooing-your-friend-away issue. I discovered that I have only a handful (2-3) good friends, and that includes my husband, but for the rest of my friends I have no feeling. I find most of my virtual friends too stupid to interact, and being of a typically serious nature, I seldom get the rush of going out to them and hugging those virtual folks. I find it hard to go out and make friends, and am exceedingly dependant on my husband for entertainment. Not that it matters much, since I kind of enjoy being alone, but, at times, I feel a deep sense of void in me that makes me feel that I am a friendless person. If there is a disaster no body would come and save me, that I would die alone. I try to drive away the thoughts and remind myself of all the books I read, the lovely husband I have, my lovely home, but the stinging sensation of not having a girly buddy who is  in many ways like me -- serious, yet  playful-- and always being there when I need to talk to her about my thoughts and ideas. My question is am I driving people away by being over critical? Is a friendless life equivalent to an aimless, empty life? I don't know. Do you know?
lonelystar2010 lonelystar2010
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

I have to agree with you im the same way I had friends but I think without knowing it I pushed them away. I moved to another state and ive lived in another state for 4 years and I still have no friends my 2 children are my friends sad to say maybe some of us are meant to be or feel like loners.