Lost Without Backup

Somehow I have lost all of my friends, they were either to weak to admit to our friendship or two strong to admit to their wrong doings something, despite being a guy, I have never had a problem of doing.  I have always had two friends at my side, one male, the other female, both best friends, but suddenly I find myself friendless in Nassau,  Maybe because I'm not working right now I have too much extra time on my hands but I doubt thats the issue.  I know I can be a walking contradiction at times, extroverted introvert and despite that fact that most like me it means nothing if that connection isnt formed and maintain.  I'm looking for people I can count on.  May not be there all the time but will always be consistant.  Doesnt matter where they are, what they believe as long as they don't judge and have the ability to aggree to disaggree or discuss or even argue and remember that being friends and forgiveness is the most important thing.
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1 Response May 2, 2011

I found myself in this situation not to long ago and after doin the friend purining game I am still seeking for those friends.