Suddenly Frienless

It all started this past summer when I was talking with another woman (I am married). I told my friends of this and all seemed supportive as they couls see my wife was constantly unahappy with anything I would do. They to had seen this and supported me.

We used to do alot of motorcycling together and all of a sudden after my wife ound out about this they seemed to pull away. My best friens was having issues in his relationship as well. One night she sent me some text messages asking about divorce lawyers and if I knew of any cheap ones (a family member is am attourney) I had told he no.

My riend and I went out one afternoon and were discussing this (his isue) Then the gal I was talking to showed up at the place we were at. All three of us had a good time and I arrived home a little late. It was honestly talking about our situations. I had no intention on divorce, just someone whom I could talk with. Probably shared to much about our family but none the less.

I took a bike ride one sfternoon with the gal I was chatting with and someone had sen us and all hell broke loose. After a time this somewhat settled own. I believe she called all my former friends and interrogated them until they had enough. I guess I will accept all the blame for them not calling, texting or any other form of contact.

The big issue is the friends pulling away and are nonexistant any longer. But there i another side.

The wife as well has had "friends" that she had talked to and telling him every detail from the kids that do not like me (I believe because I do not give them everything they ask for) I believe my son of 15 knows something as he seems to benefit most from all of this.

I discovered that $4000.00 dollars was spent from our savings accoune and she claims this wa from gambling from being depressed. Upon further examination she also opened up a credit card and has thei maxed at 5 grand. All the bills were behind and I have since caught them up.

The troubling issue is she now feels the need to have cash on her at all times and even on the rare occasions she plays machines in a tavern she pockets the money and mentins nothing about paying bills.

I am the bad guy in her eyes and she constantly tells me I have no friends. I am a ***** because I refuse to listen to her nonsence. Tells me to get out and the houde I was born in.

I could go on but my friend issue bothers me and her turning the kids on me. Anybody out there ever been in a similar situation or could offer some advise. If there are questions post them and I will respond.

Thank you.
harleyriders harleyriders
Dec 2, 2012