The Loneliest Boy In The Life

I am 16 and I am a boy.I was born in a town.I haven't got any friend since my childhood.In my childhood all of my friends were girls because I hate football and in my country every boy love it an they think " a boy who doesn't like football is gay and he can never be our friend.So I communicated with girls in y childhood but in my country people don't look at it as a nice thing.They make fun of me and everytime insult me.Now I am 16 years old and go to a boarding school in a big city.I still haven't got any friend .Boys don't like me because I am very weak and cold for them.They see me as a freak,worthless person.The people around me insult me and nobody wants to be friend of this wretched boy.I am also separetely from my parents so I feel more alone.I am very alone because of loneliness.I had never made friends so far.In fact I had made but they were not real friendships.I am very unhappy,please help me.Everyone has more than one friend around me and they are very happy eith their friends.They go out after school but I can't because of loneliness.I want a friend in order to share something and do something with him. I just want a friend is it very hard ? My only wish to God bring me a friend.Please advise me and tell me what to do because I need your advices more than you thing.Finally, English is not my mother language so I am sorry for my grammer mistakes.

An Ep User An EP User
Jan 19, 2013