Loneliness In Meditarranean

I am 15 and I have been living alone for 15 years.I have never had a real friend in my life.I am always alone and unhappy.I have nobody to talk and share something.People around me everbody has a friendship circle and they are very happy.They talk,share their feelings,laugh together,go out after school,go to cafe and make holiday plans together but I have no one to do these activities.I feel myself very stupid.People around me laugh at my loneliness and they talk about my disgrage.I got very upset.I can't share anything with anybody,it makes me very depressed.Sometimes I decide to go out alone but in my country people laugh and make fun of me when I do it.I live in a seaside town in Mediterranean part of Europe but I can't go swimming because of loneliness oftenly.I need a friend more than you thing because my physcology is morbid.I just wanna a friend! only one! Is it too much for a young boy? I need your advices because I am very tired of thinling about this topic.My biggest ambition is finding a friend.I hope one day I can achieve.

kiwino kiwino
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Please advice me,I need your advices more than you thing.