"are You Gay?"

I am a 15 years old boy.I have no friends and I hadn't got a friend in the past.I have been always alone.I always want a friend it is my biggest dream.I sped most of the day thinking about friendship.I want a handsome friend,it is strange.I don't know if it means something about my sexual orientation.I don't know why I want it,but I want my friend to be handsome.When I see a handsome boy I think about " I wish he were my friend" and I dream about him.My psychiatrist said " Are you gay?" after I said it.I am not gay, maybe you don't believe me.I don't know why I want a handsome friend and why I think about.I only know I need a friend.I have been living alone for 15 years and I want a handsome boy to save my life.I don't care what you think and I don't know the real answer,too.I only know my desire.
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I think everyone wants good looking friends. The problem is that they may not want to be your friend because they don't think you are good looking or cool.

Doesn't matter if you are gay or not, or if when you are older you realize that you are.

So just be happy to find a friend that you click with, that's the most important thing. Someone who is nice to you and you are nice to them.

Of coarse that doesn't mean you are gay. It is normal to want your savior to be akin to a handsome prince, I mean, young girls don't pretend hobos or drunk hillbillys save the princess when they play dolls, and young boys don't imagine those kinds of people to be their action figure's friends. A handsome friend more likely means a confident warm friendly person who is very social and will help ease you back into a social life. That is all <3 good luck

I think your psychiartist should have been more polite =) I thinks it's okay to like attractive people, it's always more pleasant to look at someone pretty than someone ugly, and it's especially okay for such young person as you are. I don't think you are a gay and what's more when you are a teenager there are always such problems as loneliness, desire to have a friend, etc.

Firstly thank you for your comment :) I think an attractive friend will make me happier and comfortable,too.Pretty is better always.Thank you for your support and I felt more comfortable after I read yout comment.I hope that problem will lapse one day.Thanks a lot :)