Lousy "Friendships"

So today is my birthday and am hoping for a rebirth of sorts, this is why: I worked out of my home country for about 5 years immediately after completing my bachelors degree.   The job was relatively well paying compared to local offers and we were returned to our home country every 2 months.  In this period I kept in touch with 2 "very good friends" or so I thot they were and every visit back would involve calling them up to "catch up and in doing so I took them out regularly to eat out or for a movie I thought I was sharing my fortune with them and also encouraged them along in their pursuits. 

Well 3 children and 3 years down the line the "tables turned" and they are doing very well in their various endeavours for which I am very happy for them and would celebrate with them......................... if I could get hold of them: My emails are all but ignored as are my calls and text messages and it makes me wonder the kind of so called friends that I had.  It definitely does not say much for me, but that's not the type of person I am and it kills me that the people wiht whom I shared my good times are turning their backs on me during theirs.

I need ideas on how to make new friends and I hope they are the true type; I have severally tried to throw a party and invite my "friends and acquiantances but have had only my family members coming something must be very wrong with me.  I am truly one lonely and dissapointed girl.  Thanks for reading

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4 Responses Jul 20, 2009

yes, it is, just like a little less of the bitter and more of the sweet...<br />
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Yeah, life's beautiful in a bitter sweet way.

I'm not friendless, but down the years I have cometo realise there are very few you can rely on when they'rereally needed.<br />
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Thanks Zen. you have no idea what impact your words have had on my psyche, I walked around all day yesterday holding my head up high and reminding myself over and over "there's nothing wrong with me". Tahnk you