I am a very friendly person, once you get to know me. I like having friends and meeting new people. I just don't always know how to go about it. Sometimes people take me the wrong way and I lose a friend before I ever make one.

Sounds silly right. I am not a go getter one who is the life of the party. I won't just go out and introduce myself to you expecting to be liked or accepted. I am however a good friend, I like listening, and would do anything that I can for the friends that I do have.

I like getting to know people and getting to know who you are. I like this site because everyone can be who they truly are and not hide behind what society expects from us. We pour our hearts and souls into our stories or confessions.  We are not judged here and we do not judge. We give our opinions and advice freely. We are all here for each other.


If only society would accept everyone so freely!!!

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I agree too I am very friendly but not the life of the part and most mistake it for me being snobby or unsociable which is a shame.

I love this!!! yea i totally agree if nobody judged and just loved and was affectionate^^<br />
<br />
well at least there's something like that here~~~ one hopes.....