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Extremely Shy

The shyness is a real problem in my everyday life. EP is helping somewhat. I worry that I may come across as being a snob.
veralynn veralynn 26-30, F 7 Responses Aug 30, 2012

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Not me. I think of you as a whining stuck up *****!


I think you should go someplace, put out your hand and say, "Hi, I'm Betty. I'm new here in town, and I just wanted to say hello."

You keep doing this until someone says, "Get away from me!"
You'll probably be 80, when it happens.

I cant imagine anyone thinking of you as a snob - shy & charming is how you immediately impressed me.

Aw, thank you :-)

I am the same way, it makes everything in life extremely difficult.

we all are shy to a point . and yes EP is the best place to be for venting out , and laughing . for support . a lot of nice people on here . and if you ever need somebody to talk to . i am here . ready to make new friends . i dont care how shy you are .

Shyness can be a real problem with all sorts of things in life- definitely underestimated I think by those who haven't experienced serious shyness. I can certainly sympathise as I've always been shy even though I do want friends and employment, and love. I'm glad to hear that EP is helping you. It's helped me too, just with being a little more open about what I'm really thinking/feeling. I know that I'm weird, but now after being on EP for a while I'm not so shy about letting people know me a bit anyway.. I'm almost proud of being a freak. :P I know you're a lovely person ( I could tell right away :) ) so I hope that you gain more and more confidence to know that others will see how cool, friendly, unique and lovely you are too. :) *hugs*

Awww...thanks. That makes me feel good :-)

"Let your freak flag fly!"

Going back to your previous post, you've done the analysis through your journal that you've written here (previous posts)... so now just keep the goals. When you look at yourself and ask, "Why the f*(& did I do that?", that's the only time you need to look back and say, "Oh ya." Otherwise it's the goals and little actions every day that take you towards your hopes and dreams. You seem to have an incredible resilience and reservoir (thanks to your dad?!) to draw from, so I'm confident that you'll "go places".<br />
<br />
Make it happen!<br />
<br />

Thank you :-)

I have been there. I know how that is. It takes time to overcome. Time and a small group of friends that you can learn to trust. Be patient with yourself and don't give up.

Thank you for the support :-)

Any time