Just A Little Shy Around You ...

I was painfully shy as a child! I had a lot of anxiety- but I have moved passed much of that and anyone you meet that knows me will say- I am outgoing and friendly. Everytime I hear that though I can feel my innerself with her questioning face, wondering huh? who did you meet? It wasn't me.

To everyone else I can see how I come across as outgoing- but for me I don't feel I am because I know that I am not fully being myself. I have a really difficult time around men that I am attracted to. - Anyone else, I'll talk to you, share things, feel comfortable all that stuff, but forget it if I have any type of interest. Sometimes I can play it for a while- pretend or act- to be comfortable but it always fades.

If this wasn't the case it would make the idea of dating feel a bit more comfortable. I can go on dates no problem- its when I like someone ---going on more than one date. Anyway. I think my plan is to use EP as my guinea pig- so share, be open and work on feeling more comfortable with just being myself. Hope is, more I do it, the more practice I will have and I can start to transfer that confidence into face to face conversations and relationships.
Wish a girl luck
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I just wanted to tell you your not alone. That sounds exactly like I was as a child and even now that I am older. I love meeting new people, but at the same time I don't feel comfortable enough to be my full self around them. It could also have to do with self-esteem issues that I don't want to come off in a negative way towards people. Either way I'm happy I found someone else in the world that might understand somewhat of my views on these things. :)