I Needed To Get That Off My Chest

i don't want taylor. i want courtney. but i don't know if i want her either. but i can't carry on like this. i needed to get that off my chest. i'm was texting taylor earlier. i'm watching moulin rouge now thinking suicidal thoughts. today was nothing out of the ordinary by any means.


"how wonderful life is....now your in the world................sat on the roof

and i kicked off the moss

well some of these verse

they they got me quite cross

but the sun's been kind

when i wrote this song

its for ppl that you that keep it turned on




anywya the thing is what i really mean

yours are the seetest eyes i've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

and you can telll everybody



this is your song

it maybe qtie simple but now that its done

i hope you don;t mind i hope you don;t mind that i put down in words

how wonderful life is now your in the world"



but she's not in the world anymorw, she's gone.


"I owe you nothing, and you mean nothing to me"

deadlove deadlove
18-21, M
Feb 27, 2010