I Finally Put An End To It...

A few months ago, just on a whim, I cybered with a guy I was acquainted with on IRC.  After that, he decided he wanted to KEEP cybering me and started hanging around, always PMing me, saying he wanted to be my "friend".

Not, of course, that he generally bothered to actually *talk* most of the time.  Sometimes he did, but eventually almost every chat ended with "are you in the mood?" "No" "'k :) " Ten minutes of silence... then he signs off.

Sometimes I actually *was* in the mood when he was on, but I didn't especially like the way he cybered.  And I told him from the outset that I don't like to cyber very often (read: virtually never).  But I'm finding that you can never cyber and then tell a man that, because then he's convinced he's the one to make you change from "almost never" to "almost always".

So, I think this is it for me and cybersex.  I'm tired of giving guys "a chance" and then getting frustrated when they confirm their nature.  No more "chances".  No more "just this once maybe it won't hurt". 

Yes, it will.

GuinevereGradual GuinevereGradual
31-35, F
Mar 7, 2010