Motherless At Age 4

My mother passed away when I was 4.  She was only 39.  I remember very little about her.  I remember standing in our kitchen asking my dad when she was coming back and crying.  I think he just simply said, "She is not coming back".  My father never re-married or really ever dated, which I wish he would have found someone else so he would not have been so depressed and lonely.  He took good care of me, and I will always love him for trying so hard.  I am glad he had a long life. He died just shy of his 77th birthday.  I miss him terribly.  I love you dad, and I love you mom.

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hi chance1, i really really empress about your story on your family. but suddenly its really so sorry chance.. i ms my maam, my dad, my family<br />
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i have learn from your tuchable story.....thanks for you sharing.....<br />
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