Grew Up On The Coast.

I grew up in Theodore, Alabama, in a real big family. Joined the service when I was 20 and now I'm stuck in Hampton Roads,Virginia and married. I miss home so much, but I've lost touch with everyone but an ex girlfriend(I don't even talk to her that much). I still keep in touch with my mom and brother, but my (used to be)best friend never calls. The calling him a few times but there's always some reason why he can't stay on the phone. Found out he's having a kid by his (new/fwb) best friend, and he hasn't called to tell me the news.

I move back close enough to where I grew up to go see my family, but far enough away to demotivate them from coming to my house. I've thought about Bay Minette or Loxley.

I'd really like to get reconnected with my old friends, because they really are good friends to have, they're just not good at staying in touch from long distances. Sucks living in Virginia, when it doesn't feel like I'm home. Kinda just feels like I'm

I plan to go see Alabama vs. *** To Mouth when they play, I just hope my old friends are up for it and that I don't have to pay there way. I'm already taking the wife.

I really can't wait to go home.
fixadoor fixadoor
22-25, M
Apr 18, 2012