I'm A Human Being Just Like You!

why i think he did it? why wouldn't we admit it to save us from all the bad,that the snake tricked Adam and Eve to bite from that which was not permitted this case should be aquited had he not done what it is that he did dieing for speaking the truth telling no lies, i despise that people including me take this for granted what is their lives . They do not take time to realize that God son paid for all of our sin so that we could all have a chance to win! He took no credit for all that he did being humble while sking his father for food for the people is all he was guilty for was nothing but speaking the truth i only wish their were some way to reach the youth and put christ in our school to elude the common fool from straying from his 10 rules pardon i mean commandments acting like ignorant fools that duel at hurting other and all about their self out to get their wealth only considerat when it benefits their self how ever i remain on top of my game not really i have strayed and had enough time to play i run around and misbehave because im tried of being affraid and inslaved and betraied liveing in my parents cave for this i must make a change of self for my own helth so if you are in my way i will leave you all to your self i am no longer affraid to be my self i am going to be killed or in prison and put out of decommission and i pray that people change for their sake i walk with mental chains and take their pills because they fear im insane when really i never hurt anybody and yet i feel full of shame im tired and want to be put on a cross just like Jesus for a better change yes you should believe this and throw the first stone my self just to better everybodys sinful selves i am no better and am full of sin and pray god forgives me for i ache within i just can not walk in your path i try but it seems to be a feat in witch i end up lieing and feeling full of defeat God help me get on my own two feet I love you but things are bad and as for my faith it will stand regaurdless of lies dead as though they were sand i want no fame just 40 acres of land do you understand 700 dollars a month just is not enough to have my own place im 29 and do not understand!!!
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this is the longest sentence i have ever read