All My Life...

All my life,i felt different from other people here on Earth,simply by beeing far less violent(altough avarage nervous around everybody).Since very young age,around 3-4 yrs old i have been drawn to several worlds only in this system:Mars,Titan,Ganimede,Calisto and Triton..also Pleiades,and for some reason Orion Constellations were always my favourite(altough i know nothing about astronomy).On this world i can find peace unless i go into woods,where i replenish my energy....
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Hey guys.. how's things?
anything new?

Anyone still in this conversation? When can i expect you princess?Apocalipse2062?

I am still here.,any chane tha we might actually see each other this year?

Any new things on your end princess?

I wish I could come over there. But I have no money. And nothing else to really update. Just that lately I have seen a lot of shooting stars, have you?

Shoting stars?Really?No,i didnt..i usually see very bright clear sky with milions of stars,or just clouds,but i never seen ANY shooting star in my life.Just my luck!

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Recently,there's been seen a spaceship in a shape of a flying saucer ,above Belgrade,in a broad daylight...not 2 weeks ago...

Man Inbox Me!. Eye Totally Know What Ya R Going Throo..<<Felt So Alone On This Prison Planet Till Eye Read Theez Posts.

Prison planet?Sound just about right!

you sound like you could be a pleides wood nymph, do you like nature?

Yes,very much,i enjoy walking trough the forests of all types,especially in the summer,i can almost see &amp; feel zheir strenght&amp; and life juice flowing trough me and beneath me....i always could.Alanuin i just red your story,have you ever had that feeling that someone will just pick you up from this planet?Or that this planet is basicaly a prison-planet? I dont know why,but i have that feelin for a better part of my life,and whenever i look up in the stars,i wish a starship to come for me.Maybe i'm just a nutter,but...

i always feel that way that someone could come and take me home, here is just too crowded for me.

And filthy too,right?Not just filthy on a base ,visible,touchy,3d level,but,as in generall filthy...the very atmosphere here is polluted,even the astral plane is at some time or anothe, old muddy road...or a pigsty...somnetimes i feel i fallen in a Black Hole and i cant get out of one's reach.....and then i feel like i have no air,for some reason...

This Planet Has Been Transformed In2 A Totally BARBARIC Place! The Humanoids Here Are VERY Strange Creatures Indeed! But Eye Cant Even Blame Them, Becuz They R Being Influenced By Beingz From Another Star System. Humanz Here Are Not Aware Of Tha Galatic Politics That Have Existed B4 They Were Even Brought Here. smh. Eye Wanna Go HOME. Earth Sucks Now...iPhones, Cars That Can Park Themselvez, Tha "Digital Age", And A Half-Black American Puppet-Resident [a.k.a President] Does Not Tickle Even A Smile From My Soul..Eye Know Sum1 Feelz Me. Eye Would Take A Walk In Tha Forrests/Jungle/Woods ANY DAY Over A Million Dollarz [Money Iz Such A Weird Concept]...

i have the same feelings as you here, who wouldn't wanna be living in the forest where there is no technology, the digital age is so addictive but i don't feel as though i belong here. Polution and Politics is so unusual

Consumer electronics is just one of the "shinnies" used to keep us humans distracted and reliant (unquestioning) on modern society. All populations of industrialised nations are voluntary slaves. We are all encouraged by competition with eachother (caveman leftover) to crowd into giant primate rookeries we call cities (high-density clusters of shinny above-ground caves)...
Very unhealthy places all round (for obvious reasons)... but extremely convenient for the faceless few at the top that have an easily manipulated work force that never question, and will even go to war to fight for the right to continue the insanity...???
Humans are so easy to control for whoever has the money... the problem is that humans think they are smart. Even the smartest ones understand very little because of their limited experience (big fish, small pond syndrome). And are offended at the suggestion that there maybe more to understand than what is at the end of their nose.
Individually humans are capable of amazing insights. Collectively they are dangerously skittish and unpredictable (like panicking wilder-beasts).

This planet seems to be managed quite carefully... I mean to extreme detail. All most like what is happening is prep for a planned outcome. Its obvious to any non human that the antisocial governing systems that humanity currently rely upon are all doomed.

We all tolerate the filthy rich because of the hope that one day we (as an individual) may achieve same and be the one on top of the social pile (another primate leftover). What we fail to recognise is that there are not enough resources available on this planet to accommodate wide-scale individual success (hoarding essential resources is success for primates). There is simply not enough apples in the barrel to go around..

Sorry... soap boxing again..

I agree.. city yuck, nature ahhh...

For IAmWho... Don't you think all human leaders are puppets. Think about it... all humans are puppets if you want to go there. We are no more free than cows, pigs, chickens, lions etc... I'm sure they all think that they are "free" too (don't know any different).
Focusing on skin colour is a basic primate characteristic. A quick friend-or-foe check if you will (another caveman leftover)..

I agree..
This planet seems to be managed quite carefully... I mean to extreme detail.
This planet is used as a dimensional transport hub (extremely important). Species pop in and out of earth-space all the time on their way to or from wherever.

If humans were left to manage things they would attempt to exploit it in one way or another.
No... Short-sighted monkeys cannot be trusted.

I just want to go home...

If you figure out a way... can you swing by and pick me up on the way out??
I am so done with this rock.
Boring as' once you understand how it works and what makes humans tick..

Annoying part is we cannot return to anywhere... We have human physiology specific to this planet's gravity, atmosphere, atmospheric pressure, food sources, temp range, yellow sun light etc...
If we try to live anywhere else we will eventually die out if we don't manage to evolve quickly enough to the new conditions. I tend to think we are pretty much stuck here for the duration. Clocking out early isn't an option either... I think we all know that deep down.

I did forget to include walk-in's. I suppose some may have the ability to return home virtually at will. I have some clear memories beginning a few months prior to my birth so I guess this body is a single seater.. but it is difficult to say for sure. Maybe my pre and post birth memories are that of my silent partner...
Any thoughts?

Now that I'm thinking about it... I remember spending most of my childhood not understanding family or people in general, kinda just 'doing as the Romans do' killing time waiting for my bus (or whatever) home.. The fit of the place just felt so wrong.
Still does. I'm just more accustomed to it now.
Anyway still waiting for my bus...

I know I can't return home in this body. I came from a water planet.
I found out through regressive hypnosis that the only way home is to live out this life so I can return home in the next.
Not what I wanted to hear...
Btw - I don't recommend hypnosis. Even using trained professionals is still essentially a monkey poking around your subconscious with a stick..

On a roll at the moment..
But I've been a bit negative up till now.
Thought I'd mention some of the more enjoyable aspects of this existence.

Learn to cook.. the variety of accessible food here is not to be taken for granted. Truly wondrous..
Learn to play a musical instrument.. Music needs no explanation. My favorite human thing..
Try some mind expanding substances.. A must.
Have kids.. hilarious and fulfilling.
Sing out loud.. Dance or at lease flail around if you can't (maybe when there's no one watching)..
Main thing is you may only be here once and it is a unique place.
Live it up.

Have kids?With these barbarians?I'll pass,if i can...also,my favourite past time is rain fall,i dont know about you,and as for transporting on other worlds,i dont know about that either,didnt you heard,that they trying for warp drive now? As well as VASIMR?

LOL. barbarians...
I know exactly what you mean.. it does seem a bit like what the thought of mating with a gorilla would be to a human. Gross...
But thankfully we have ape bodies just like everyone else.. so when the act is called for our primate brains produce the same lusty chemicals as our potential lover overriding the distain felt by our higher self. At least for me anyhow... So yes I have an offspring. She's 13yo and the best thing I have done here so far (cliche. I know). Life with her mother was daily torture..

Rain in bear feet, the best. all natural water is calming.. Try scuba if you haven't. Freakin' awesome.. The only problem is that you run out of air eventually.... I hate that. Also flying is fun but expensive.. which makes it not so much fun. Surfing is a hoot.. dirt bikes, fast cars.. all distractions I know, but when you think about it there is pleanty to do here.
Human space travel is in its infancy. No benifit to us.. unless of course you get to test the tech.
I have resigned myself to being stuck here for the duration... may as well enjoy it.
How are you at mixing with people (humans)?

Bear feet.. lol that'd be funny..
Of course I meant bare.
Symbolic communication is another annoying aspect of this existance.

I liie mixing with with humans as much as mixing with toxic for bear feet :-D...loli liked it...alot and just for the record i wouldn't mind test any new space tech,as long as i can get off this polluted rock,and keep it,for my Clan :-)as for flying..not bad,but walking troug forest is really my thing...meeting other lifeforms(other than humans,like foxes,bears,wolf's.....)

Spent most of my childhood doing the same... quietly wandering around the Australian bush learning as much as possible.
We don't have wolves or bears here though... or snow. Not much chance of being eaten..
We only have dingo's, koala bears (lol), big crocks (up north), lots of snakes, big lizards... literally tons of food per hectare. I have no idea how dumb-@rse humans get lost and die from exposure..

Do you feel you are driven to absorb as much detail about your natural environment as possible? (like its almost part of your subconcious programing)
I've been sucking up information on this place since I was big enough to escape my mother.. and the desire hasn't diminished over time..
Is it possible that we are autonimous remote probes for our respective species?? simply gathering data and relaying it home without us being aware?

To Apocalipse 2062,yes very much so i feel often like a spunge,but i love every minute of long as i dont have to be bothered with local human population...i mean,yes they are our cousin and all,but sometimes they behave like infants with nuclear fuse in their pants...inside large armory...and who's fault is that? Aside that they are obviously dangerous for themselfs,and other spicies,uncontrolable,cruel hard times they can be ubited when neccesary,and show they good least some of them...others,not so much...a world of contradictorcy..

when i go through the forests of New Zealand, there are a lot of humans just throwing junk around, they drink and then they throw it out on to the ground, i get so mad that i just want to pick it up and throw it back at them, i am not a recycler but i don't like it when people ruin forests, the beauty of it all. on my planet the beauty is so amazing you just wanna go out every day and play in the forests.

Oh i can understand that...when i go out.i try not to disturb nature in the slightest bit,that means no throwing thrash everywhere i like...sadly people here seems to think that this planet,is their propery... i almost desire for an invasion to come just to teach them a lesson..

A lot of resources have been put into this rock to get it ready for a particular kind life. Its been reset once already with the dinosaurs. Primates weren't what was expected to become dominant. Never the less here we are...
A weak, feeble minded, easily lead, sucky species I know. But we are ensuring a particular set of environmental variables are maintained.. global temp increase, high co2 component. The opposite to how it was the last time the planet was reset.
Leads me to think the earth has already been invaded. We have been carefully culturally manipulated for many centuries now.
Humans must be behaving as intended otherwise the earth would be reset again...

Oh.. I mean the planet is performing as intended. I think humans are just an unwitting part...

As far as human trashing everything... some dub-@rse human wrote "man shall have dominion over the earth". It was supposed to mean "the earth shall be man's domain".
Stupid monkeys take it literally. I hate symbolic communication... so much room for mistakes.
I came from a telepathic species. This place is hell for me to communicate. For instance, this series of monkey squiggles we call letters that make words... signifying monkey grunts, whoops, clicks and whistles.... what a waste of time. United nations what a joke. Gallery of apes.
F%cking primates.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a benevolent dictatorship. Which is what humans require for stabilization.
No, unfortunately humans cannot be ruled over by other humans and remain content. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even the most benevolent King is eventually replaced by the next generation...
I see telepathy as man's only salvation. Unfortunately I know of no humans that would be willing to accept that level of responsibility.

Well i meant actually on invasion from another planet,another inteligent species(even crab are more inteligent than our local apes8 or at least hope so-if not,we're screwed,big time)...Unfortunatuly i sincerely doubt that anyone sain would even bother to invade this backwater planet...its species is so far behind anything in the known Omniverse,that in case of the death of everything, it would happend to as 2000 years least,if not more....

Recently i just wish for some reason to go to live on Titan and Mars...

I understood what you meant. I am saying that I think earth has already been invaded many centuries ago (millennia even). Humans think that all invasions are done with guns or pointy sticks only because humans are obsessed with ballistic weaponry. We developed guns of all kinds as a logical progression from pointy sticks.
If as a species you could manipulate matter, why would you ever have a use for a handgun or ICBM (missile).
No, these things are to frighten and control humans only.
The easiest way to conquer a species is from within, slowly over a number of generations so no one is the wiser. Tell them what to think, when to think it, and how deeply it should be considered. Easy to do with humans.. just need the cash and the time.
Napoleon once said that history is merely a set of lies we have all agreed upon...
As you know the conquered have no voice after a few generations.

As far as going to live on another planet, if it were physiologically possible yes, oh god yes.
Would be nice to go somewhere with some biodiversity though.
Actually I'd really like to go home... I'm tired of the tedium of this existence.

Failing the ability to move to another planet, does anyone know if there is somewhere already operational on earth that people like us can go??

i wish there was a way, then i would go to my planet in the blink of eyes. all my family that i remember is on my planet and i wish to go back, and referring to manipulating matter, my planet can do that. so we don't need guns. i find myself lonely cos besides my bf and my best friend i don't know anyone else from my planet.

Same here,princess...altough,when i look at the night sky, i stil have feeling we are watched and loved....needed as welll,not like here....also when you look on the net you can always hers news about "aliens" or thet there some underground bases ...ther's alot such bases here in Serbia,for whom my people know...******** in the military and goverment as usually didnt do anything good to cover their everybody know wich bases belongs to foreign civilisations....sich as Pleyarens...

Sounds like fun...
Who are Pleyarens?

Beter known as Pleyadians

I have purposely avoided reading anything by anyone concerning life on this rock. All of my theories and observations are entirely my own gathered over my lifetime (so far). With no outside input (none from here anyway).
I do not want to google stuff and be bombarded with a lot of theories. I found this serves to confuse matters because of the inevitable contradictions that come with human egos.
If you could give me a brief rundown on Pleyarens, Pleyadians, Plejarens... or whatever they are refered to.. I would very much appreciate it.

Oh,nothing much,my peple know that in the depts of mountains of Rtanj,Rudnik Tara and several others here in Serbia,aliens,and among them Pleiadians(mostly them actually) have their bases,and possibly portals sinc practically forever...before even turks ever came on Balkan Peninsula.

I did some research on Billy Meier. The whole thing sounds like a precursor to plunge humanity into a whole new level of paranoia. Creating our next unvanquishable foe. Hoards of villainous aliens...
I'm not saying Meier acted knowingly. It looks like he was conned also and then added his own stuff to it. I say this because of the incorrect assumptions about the origins of humanity in the "Notes". They are very "human" assumptions.
I do find this quite unsettling because of the possibility that an alien attack on earth would be an excellent way to impose a New-World-Order.
Misinformation like this just adds another thin layer of uncertainty about alien intentions. The seeds are sown by Billy Meier and all the "experts" used to legitimise his communications and samples, so if a fake attack occurs we can look to the already introduced Plejarens (handy that they look human. because they are!) for leadership....

Ever considered checking some of theses sites out for yourself? covertly of course..
You sound like you would be good at it.
Now that really would be something..

By sites, I mean the bases that you referred to in the mountains..
Confirm or deny there existance.

Billy Meyer do sound like a hoax..after all,he did added alot..but not many know where entrances of alens bases are..mostly eldest of our Highlanders...(yes,even we in Serbia have them :-) )and maybe i might chek them out,if for nothing else,for beautifull forests those mountains bad Alanuin and you aren't for attack of the aliens...who and why would attack this backwater no one has nothing of is so low..that loclals dont even have ability to go to space yet...

Humans are only of minor significance to the multitudes of aliens using earth as one of countless jump-hubs throughout the universes.
When you go for a drive, you don't stop and look at every paddock that has cows or sheep?
The only interesting thing about humans is that, as easy as we are to manipulate into maintaining a stable state for this planet (earth is merely the equivalent of an airport), we can also trash it all in one generation. That makes us as dangerous as we are necessary.

Haven't heard from Alanuin for a while. She may not have liked being referred to as "princess". It lends an inference to being a bit precious. She seems kinda outdoorsy. I could be wrong though, she may have just become bored with the conversation..
I would like very much to be there.. sounds like a mystery worth investigating.. and as you said, the beauty of the mountains is reason enough..
You should see if there is any way to contact the highlanders for some first hand info.

And exactly... no one (alien) would attack this backwater. But if an attack was faked it would be so human changing that a new world order could be established... with fake aliens as the new advisers-leaders.

i am still here, in this coversation, i am just interested in all you people have to say, i mean the fact that you may think that there are bases from other aliens could be a bit of a stretch in my imagination. even though my planet was thinking about it. we will never take over this planet - ever. and right now i feel like going for a walk in the forests and mountains myself.

i don't mind being called Princess.

The conspiracy, then a fake alien attack and then mans subsequent rush to global fascism with fake aliens at the controls would make a good movie plot...

I don't have anything that interesting in australia. How much cash in us$ do you think it would take to go and check it out, after a firm lead is established..
I mean food, gear, transport and other essentials..

Woops.. didn't mean to be presumptuous.
On the bases stuff.. yeh I know... but what if?? I'm not saying it could be anyone specific. But you must admit that if rumors turn out to have some documented local credibility, would that not be worth a look... I mean think about it, what a trip...

Btw. didn't mention that the last post was for alanuin.

it would be good to have proof, in physical form, to find out, but i guess we will never know.

What do you mean... proof of a base or proof of visiting et's?

proof of a base, of course

Well the old geezers still talk about off-worlders who doesnt look like anything humans,about strange lights...and's"public secret":-)...So i believe that if all of you have some sort of vacation days,at best we can find something,at worst,we can at least have great time...
Maybe we can gather at my home ,here in this willage at the Serbian-Romanian border,and go from there?

i have been doing some research about all this stuff, there is more about spaceships going to search for our kind than there is actual evidence of our kind

Well,princess,just recently(2011) there has been alien ships spotted on Fruška Gora,a mountain just outside of Novi Sad ,a capitol of Vojvodina,wich is not so far from where i live(some 50 to 70 km)..And we really could see and talk to the Highlanders in Serbia,if you all agree? I googled it,and talked over with some people ,so i discovered that all sorts of aliens came to Earth in the past....nice,huh? :-D

my family from planet X have always been coming here, not telling you how , hehehe :)

Hey again guys.. stepped out for some fresh air.
Getting interesting dernh.
How safe is the area?
How genuine do you think the reports are?
It's just that I'm thinking film crew and a documentary...
Film crew only if almost guaranteed to see something off-world-ish..

It actually very safe..people here can be very hospitable,no matter,what you've been heard about Serbs...we get angry only on for my favourite princes..should i guess?Portals-gates?Something like that.....people here talk about portals and gaes to other worlds since before Romans....i hope to meet you here...altough i live in Vojvodina,and our mountains like Rtanj,and such are located in Central Serbia(mostly-google it) you know i live in Srpska Crnja,if you're interested to meet me,to try and locate those bases,i'm in if you are...

Yes that is how they get here via portals. They have for more than a millennia. But I don't I was sent here by my mother for protection.

Protection against what or whom,princess?

Protection for if someone she did not want me followed

i hope you don't find me nuts.

Nuts?You?....No way...than what should i be..bolts...?Sorry princess,couldnt resist,i as anyone here simply love game of words...

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