Greetings Earthlings

It has come to my attention that i am not of this world. The relief is overwhelming... to say the least.

Here i was trying to fit into the daily life of human folk and then it hit me .... I am not like anyone else ... why be like anyone else ... i am being more human because i am not.

I shall and will be myself ... even tho the skin i am in makes me uncomfortable and the sun is too bright.... hahaha

Here i thought sunglasses where to cover unsightly eyebrows .... haha  was i ever wrong .. Ti's the sun ... the sun is too bright.




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21 Responses Jul 19, 2007

The sun is too bright--too white. I am more accustomed to a more golden light....And yet, this planet is too extreme--too cold in most places, too hot in others...this experience since early childhood....wrong planet, not home. I want to go home to the warm shores of golden seas...two moons? Memories are sketchy, but pervasive...

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Oh. Too late. NOW look what you've done, Caroli9!

You guys are insane.<br />
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I love it.

I have visited other planets - but that's not the same thing. I was always glad to return home. Are you applying for Resident Alien status, or is this merely a junket? If so, do you have a departure date? The epidemic of NSS - (Non-Smiling Syndrome) - is hard to explain. Scientists believe it is associated with fear of intimacy - or gas. Enjoy your stay. Make sure to visit a jazz club - jazz is our finest creation.

*cheesecakes can't talk*


*turns into a big cookies and cream cheesecake*

Um ... was it the Cookie ?? hmm .. ? hey ... You had cream !!! Not fair !!

*choke* *gargle* *green* *purple* *green* *purple* *gargle* *chokee* *green* *blue* *froths at the mouth*

um ... with me being new to this planet and all ... um ... is it normal for people to change colour !! Hey ... im green too .... hello !...... H E L L O !!

TOO LATE! I drunk it all. *feels a bit queasy* *feels untanned on the inside* *feels a bit sick*

hey ... dont be greedy !!

Look, if you don't stop drinking that, I'll have to start the "I Lost Someone To Suntan Lotion" Group, and that would just be ridiculous!! *intercepts and guzzles the rest*. Hmmm. coconut!

Way to Squeeze the bottle !! Geepers .... mmm coconut ...

*attempts to retrieve lotion from vistor*....nope.....nup.... don't eat it.....dammmmit!!!

mmm its French ... Le tan ... mmm Hay .. what !! Not for eating ??? But it smells sooo good ...

Errr... tis not for eating. No, really. Hey... GIVE IT BACK...

Cookie.. mmm why thankyou !! ... please pass the sun-tan lotion

Well, we are not frequently blessed with such alien grace! They are just unused to you, give them time and no doubt at least some will come around. Have a cookie?

The Cities ... lovely ... but why do people not smile ? I smile and they look like they know im from another planet ... <br />
Cookies ... mmm i havnt had them with sun-tan lotion .. but they sound great !!

Greetings, strange being from worlds afar. I hope you have a nice stay here. In many places, the air is fresh, and the landscapes pleasing to the eye. And if you so wish, take in all the culture and hub-bub that our cities have to offer. Also, we have cookies, and sun-tan lotion.