ATTENTION Earthlings


You are henceforth given notice.

We will be returning to your planet in 100 Earth Years.

If you have not learned how to cease starving and brutalising your own species,  enslaving and eating other inhabitants, and ceased destroying the support system that maintains life on your planet, you will forfeit the right to be the dominant species. We will then take over in a care-taker capacity, for as long as necessary.

Thank you for your attention. See you soon!

PS: We will bring comfortable cages, with deluxe exercise wheels.
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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11 Responses Aug 1, 2007

True, the Earthlings have butchered their planet, but that does not give you the right to take it from them. If it comes down to a battle, I will fight alongside the Earthlings, and you should know that this will not be my first time saving a world.

Excuse me! I am the LAST. ELF., and you have no right! Sure, as being an elf I can actually FEEL what plant life, trees, and animals are feeling and thinking through a connection (short story short on reason thats all I'm gonna say), and I know firsthand how ignorant they can be, but honestly. Try TEACHING THEM, not LOCKING THEM UP IN CAGES. *sigh* Other species from around the universe never do learn.

`TEACH THEM, NOT CAGE THEM.` is what we used to say.

Why wait 100 years?They should be here yesterday!

Can aliens come sooner?I wish to get out of here a.s.a.p....

Phew, when I read the intro my first thought was 'but what about the deluxe exercise wheels?' but at the end all my fears were put to rest.<br />
Is the trip pets inclusive?

this documentary might be a bit fun - - i like the mimic taking they make of people who dedicate their life to the research. just listen to that background music.

I definitely think we're going to have to use those hamster ball things to get around the world; to our jobs, grocery store and so on. However, by that time everything and I do mean EVERYthing might well be automated and we may not need to leave our cages ... hmm...

What about human hamster balls? Those sound fun ;-P

Who knew we were the dominant species? I thought automobiles were.

And fresh saw dust to poop, pee, sleep, and munch on?!=}

Make it 50 E.Ys and it's a deal! ;p I don't think we'll last too long without cages or those shiny exercise wheels....and I assume the cages have great big locks? Excellent...