I was born and raised and still live in San Diego, California. There wasn't a San Diego experience so I just joined the Cali one! <3

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Oh it's San Diego not Sandy Eggo but there's a lot of different names for it. Pet names. LOL.

Where is Sand Ego anyway. What an interesting name.

Oh yes, I went to high school at San Pasqual Academy - out in the boonies.

I loooove the less populated parts of SD-Lakeside, Ramona, Encinitas, La Jolla...

If you could get rid of half the people in Diego and cut the cost of living by half then I'd love living here. It's just too crowed and expensive for me to see myself living here forever. <br />
<br />
But I sure do love the few awesome things it has to offer. Get there early or late and you avoid the larger rush of people. :)

How about Lake Elsinore? That's 70 miles north of San Diego. I'm a native of Cali and moved to GA to be near my kids and now want to go back home. There's nothing like Cali - the weather and all of it is just the best and San Diego is even better. My sister in law lives near Genesee and Balboa Blvd. I'd like to live in Encinitas and love Ocean Beach - it's so funky.

I'm afraid I can't add you ABGB...I hope you see this so u can add me. I'd like to be friends with someone from my home town :)

you're soooooooo lucky! i'm a massachusetts native, and my biggest dream in life is to get the hell out of here! lol. i'd love to make ca my home.