So Far From Home-san Diego

Oh beautiful place
how many times did I swear I hated you,
too many people, too many prices to pay and so little time.
The very things I despised about you I now laugh and roll over and over in my mind.
I miss the ghettos and the impossibly rich neighborhoods. The clashing of people-the Mexicans, the snobs, the goth kids, the scholars, and the hippies. The eclectic hectic mesh of people in a hectic gotta go scene. I miss the beautiful beaches, the mexican food, the "cold shoulder-don't bother me vibe," the access to anything and everything you could want in reach. I miss the 6 lane highways and the ability to get around easier. I know what they mean when they sing about East L.A. and the LBC. I know what it means to be so close to the beach your house is practically is in it. Yes, too many people, too expensive and a lot of dumb people as well. But you will find them anywhere because there are hardly any true NATIVES. We are not all blonde, surfers, valley girls, plastic surgeries, gang-bangers or movie stars. Once you leave Cali you realize how good you had it and it has made a fool out of me. I am sorry I talked ill will about my home. I am grateful to be born in such a place that has given me so much richly in return.
I miss you cali, you will always be my home.
feistypepper feistypepper
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Nice story. Every time I travel overseas, I miss the very things I curse about San Diego. First thing I do when I land, I go get a carne asada fries, go to Sunset and sit and listen to the waves, no matter what time of night it is.