Conceived In England Born In Los Angeles

That's my father.  His parents were scheduled to sail on the Titanic but got bumped to the Adriatic (lucky for me?).  They arrived April 27, 1912 and had a cylinder grinding shop in Los Angeles.  My Dad said he was the fastest newspaper boy in LA - he used roller skates.  He also was a lifeguard at Seal and Hermosa Beaches.  I was also born in the LA area and lived there the first 5 years of my life.  I've lived in So Cal within 100 miles of LA my whole life except for 2 1/2 years in Tallahassee FL. 
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Oh wow, we've been neighbors for years and didn't know it. LOL

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
My family built lots of houses in Highland with lumber they recycles from Norton AFB.<br />
I recently drove thru the area myself and it wasn't that nice anymore...{I agree with you}<br />
Yucaipa....the first home I ever owned was located there.<br />
We have some things in common homey!<br />

Wow, my first job was at Norton AFB used to live at 10th and Temple in a really nice apartment - drove by there not too long ago but it wasn't that nice anymore.<br />
Hometown - Yucaipa.

...a SoCal native!!!Woo me too! {San Bernardino}<br />
So glad your folks did not take the Titanic!!!!<br />