Forever Home

California will forever be my home, my heart. Sure I could deffinetly see my self traveling far and wide. Staying for monthes in another city, andother state, another country. But L.A. will always call me back to it.

Hollywood will always sing to my heart, Downtown L.A. will always light my way back home, SFV will always extend it's arms out to me. Sunest, SantaMonica Blvd., and Ventura Blvd. will dance with me evrey time I come home.

I couldn't dream of calling any other city home. That is a title only fitting of California.

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3 Responses Mar 13, 2009

im a native and i feel the same way. i love cali!!!!

i love San Fransisco. awsome China Town!

for me it is Oakland/ Berkeley / San Fransisco