Love And Hate My State

Most things about my state make me facepalm really hard like the fact I'm from Gainesville, city best known for the UF student murders in 1990 and the wack job Koran burner. We also have the Gators but I'm not too big on sports. What also sucks is were a republican majority state with a crooked governor Rick the scumbag Scott who most cant wait to vote out of office, I know I cant. Did I mention the hurricanes, heat and retarded people who seem to make up the majority of the most wacky, depressing or rage-inducing, blood boiling news stories? I'm looking at you George Zimmerman...

However, October I got a chance to travel to and around the Ft Lauderdale/Miami area and it gave me a new appreciation for this place. It made me remember that Florida has gorgeous beaches, so much diversity and culture. Passing through W. Palm, Boca Raton with its lush manicured lawns of the rich to even the crappier sides of FtL that made me appreciate it as the tall and powerful glass and steel buildings towered over them like giant guardians. Did I mention oranges and Disney World, sagos, palm dates, hibiscus flowers, palm trees, the Everglades and the mild(sometimes) weather that keep snowbirds and tourists coming back year after year? I cant stand you sometimes, Florida, but there's really no place like home.

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Mmm. You didn't stop at Miami, did you? Tell me you went in to the Keys? Growing up in Florida just never prepared me for that beauty!


It was on someone else's schedule and dime, so no - but it is one of my fantasy destinations though...

Same problem I always had, until one day I just decided to go. I hope you make it soon! I-- there are just no words, lol! It's amazing there! *shaka*

I'll have to save for awhile, but I'll make it someday :)

I don't know if you camp (and I would NOT recommend camping there in the summer) but if you do, you can really save money hitting one of the state parks camp sites. Bahia Honda - I think the last SP before Key West - was a really beautiful campsite. If you aren't in to camping, I saw houseboats for rent for $50 a night in Key Largo. :) just ideas, I know there's a lot more to affording it than lodging. *shaka*

Oh word? Maybe me and a few friends can save up and make a big trip of that. Thanks :)

:) You're welcome! And if you, or any of your friends who would go, is a veteran, you can get discounted camping at State Parks. I think it's almost 50% off, if I remember correctly. *shaka*

No vets here lol but thanks for the heads up

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