Born And Raised In Iowa

I was born and raised in Iowa in a small town,less than 800 population. I was breed in Iowa also. I like warm weather year around through!
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I know nothing about Iowa, but there seems to be an EP special group Iowa women sexy as hell?

I've been where it was warm year around, and I found that sort of boring. I came back home to Missouri. I like the warm/HOT weather, but winter is a nice break, sometimes !

Why do those people keep electing Chuck Grassley to the senate? He was an absolute disaster when he ran the finance committee

I'm from Kansas. I SO understand!

only 800 ?? wowwwwwww that is small:-( ,is any of them 800 yours ? & can you add me ??

I too would love to hear about your breeding please add me.

I would love to hear about your breeding.

For me there is just something special about a woman raised in a small town something extra special and sexy would you please add me as your friend?? hope all is well and to hear back from you soon............... Gary

I'm with ya on the warm weather...I was raised in Florida...miss the hotness a lot.

If you like warm weather the year around, then move to the sunny southwest, close to me:)

Smaller town than I was born and raised in mine was about 3000. I also would like for it to be warmer year round.

Hi in Iowa , Cairns Australia here , if you like it warm all year round , here's a good place , rarely below 80 degrees . Cheers have fun Dave and Michele

i am a Iowa man south east lee country

but now in lake worth fl

hi groupgirl ,i found your message an ,i don't have any pics .i never had any taken by anyone .i 'll let you take pics if you want ,lets chat . if you are still interested .we can meet an you can decide yourself if you want just have coffee some where if you want .