I was conceived in a town of about 250 people, born in Iowa City, and I've been stuck here (for the most part) ever since. People I know from more metropolitan areas...I just want to smack them in the mouth when they complain that there's nothing to do or nothing going on.  

I'm from a town of about 15k people, though I now live about 12 miles from said town in the middle of bloody nowhere.  You want to talk about nothing to do?  The highlight of my town is a dirt track where they race shitboxes (AKA hobby stocks) and mortifieds (AKA A-mods / B-mods / modifieds) and like one bar that isn't full of senior citizens.  There's a private university there, unfortunately most of us locals can't afford to go there.  ****, you want to do ANYTHING here you're spending at least an hour in the car to go to Des Moines, or closer to two to hit up Iowa City or Cedar Rapids, or closer to three to hit up the Quad Cities or Council Bluffs / Omaha.  

That's life here.  Boring as hell.  
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:( ::squeezes you tight and hands you a N64:: I am soooooo sorry.