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You may have read my story of my hometown in the group 'I Am a Southerner'.
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I wanted to let the good people of EP know a little about where I come from. I saw this group and being it is my home state, I decided to add this as well.

If you follow country music, then you may have heard of Justin Moore. His songs include "Back That Thing Up" "Small Town USA" "How I Got to Be This Way" "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" "Outlaws Like Me" and "Bait a Hook". And one more that is my favorite...   

Moore grew up in a small Arkansas town but was surprised to find a place more rural than where he was from.

He was quoted as saying:

"I've got a guitar player from Pike County, Ky. -- and he and I played a couple of gigs together up there. I came back home and called my producer. I said, 'Dude, I grew up out in the woods, but you wouldn't believe how backwoods this place is!'

Some songs you write and know it's a really good song, then some of them you get into the studio and it comes to life then. This was one of those songs. I liked it when I wrote it, but when we got done doing it in the studio, we both went, "Man, this has got to go on the album!"

It's become a big staple in our show now. It's doing well -- my fastest rising song yet, so that's exciting."

The song is "Backwoods"...

Out in the backwoods down in the holler
Out in the backwoods workin' hard for a dollar in the
Backwoods yeah we get it done right
Work hard, play hard, hold my baby tight
Lordy have mercy it's a real good life
In the backwoods, down in the holler son
Down in the backwoods

Justin Moore performed in a local bar just across the state line in Williamson, West Virginia where many local Kentuckians are regular patrons. Needless to say, he was well received and most applauded...

Out in the backwoods...

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Nov 5, 2011