I Miss My Home

At the moment I live in Maryland.  I moved up here about two years ago and i really would love nothing more than to go back to La. ....or at the very least to the south. 

Don't get me wrong it beautiful up here and I've met some nice people but it's just SO different!All the people in the north that I've come across are really closed off.  You have to break through this tough exterior just to get to know them where as strangers in the south will come up and talk to you and tell you their whole life story.  Also, SNOW!  I just can't handle it!  Seriously, I had to dig my car out of two feet of snow and ice and they STILL expected me to drive 18 miles to work.  **** that!  That's one thing I won't miss.

I'm planning on moving to Mississippi soon and then from there I am going to try and make it back to La...but at least I'll be around more familiar surroundings.

And when I get there I'm going to STUFF MY FACE with two years worth of food that I've missed :)

CandyTeeth CandyTeeth
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2007

the mudbugs come back here soon, maybe I'll hold a seat for you, paper towels ready