"I Am From Mexico" My name is Angelica I'm 24 yrs old I'm Hispanic of Mexican Descent, I came to the States at the age of 11 yrs old. I learn English that same year; I still have an ascent, but it's cute! Ha Ha.. I'm a single and proud Mother of one cute little boy his name is Jesse Andrew Olivarez. I love him to death, he is my inspiration, my strength and my hope to keep me going in life that has already put me thru very rough times but that after all; it has help me become stronger and more independent!! I have gone thru 2 different relationships which none of them have being good at all; from the first one there is only one blessing that I'm so thankful for; which is (My Bun)- My baby I don't have any regrets having my son at all, I wanted to have a baby and so God let me borrow him..... Well to long and complicated to explain details on those relationships..... But other than that, I'm an Independent woman, I work,I being raising my child, I go to college, have my own place, drive my own car and enjoy life every day- just like if it was my last! I have very strong, hard working parents; I love them and the rest of the family, It's a big family of one sister, and 4 Bro's. I enjoy going to parties, get togethers, to the movies, to the mall, enjoy photography and loves fashion without purses or shoes not to mention clothes... I love this... and so the point is I love shopping! Last but not least; my main goal in life is to finish raising my child and teach him from the good & the bad! he is in his terrible 2s right now so it's trouble drama every once in a while! Now my other goal is to finish my degree, I just recently graduated from my associates and now trying to finish my Bachelors on Bilingual Teacher DISD. I'm a positive person that loves to help people and most of all, the little ones.... my babies, my future students..... I treat you the way you treat me, I give respect if I get respect, I totally hate racism and discrimination. There's no way people can judge anybody without knowing who they are, or even about the way they speak, dress or live. Above all; I'm a proud Mom, future Teacher-Principal and why not a........................... Superintendent....... "SUCESS DOESN'T COME TO YOU; YOU GO GET IT!

Thank you for reading!

Miss Trejo     

Teacher Teacher
22-25, F
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Thanks for your story, it sounds like it will be fun reading about all your successes!