Missing Northern Michigan

Both My wife and I was born and raised in Northern Michigan. Her from the Traverse City Area and Me from Houghton Lake Area. But due the poor job market her and I moved out to the southwest. There are some great memories that we have of our home state. But we both agree we really miss the all of green of woods and the blues of the lakes. We still go back and visit as both of our families still live there. To us there isn't any better than a good Michigan summer and a beautiful Michigan Fall. The snow we don't miss that much.

Update 06/01/12: We have moved to Missouri. We have been here for the summer and the winter...We enjoy the the green and the change of the seasons.
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

We go to Grand Travers every year, great place to visit!<br />
We live all the down at the state line near Indiana, and it's better up there!

its a beautiful area, we vacation there and at boyne city