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Okay...some of you may be seeing all of my other groups saying that I'm from all of these other places but this one, but there is an explanation for that:

We lived in Mississippi when I was born, but my mom refused to have a Mississippi baby, so my parents drove about 2 hours to Memphis to have me. I lived there for 3 days. So, I'm kinda from both of those.

After I was born, we stayed in Mississippi for five more months, then it was off to Maryland. We lived there for almost 5 years, then it was down to Oklahoma!!! That is where the ship landed and retired, so we have been in Oklahoma for the past, now, 16+ years.

That is why I have all of these fun groups! 

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I honestly have no idea where that's at.

I am the son of a U.S, Navy Seabee and live in Gulfport....

I am the son of a U.S, Navy Seabee and live in Gulfport....

I really don't know, actually. Mississippi isn't so bad. I personally prefer Oklahoma to there, but that's just me (but I like Tennessee better in every other way but the weather). My grandpa still lives there, actually just like 3 blocks from Elvis' birth place, so that's pretty cool, but I don't know if she just has bad memories from there or what. She doesn't like it when I have the Tennessee strong accent, either (I pick up accents really easily). Her family is mainly from Tennessee, and my dad was navy, and my brother and sister were both born in Florida (I think), so they have a connection with my dad, and my mom kind of wanted that with me I guess. I don't know. My mom is kind of weird. :) It is neat saying that I was born in the same state as my mom, though. Not to mention, it was Memphis! :) It is really pretty there (in the country areas).<br />
Those are the only reasons I can think of. I really don't know, though.