I Live In And Love The South Jersey / Philadelphia Area

I am not originally from this area. I was born and raised in the midwest. The town I grew up in was especially isolating and depressing. I think I may have always been a city girl at heart. I have lived here for almost as much time as I have lived in my home state and I will no doubt live the rest of my days in this area. What is not to love? Everything that is awesome is w/in driving distance. There is everything from countryside to bustling museum districts. Public trains make everything accessible. I love that the cuisine is diverse, shopping is unique, entertainment knows no bounds. I just recently got tickets for the David Letterman show. Sweet! There is a real life group for everything, you just have to find it.

And the people? Very nice and a little more honest. There is a difference in culture on some things. I was an idiot when it came to handling holidays and social events (there is a more formal etiquette here than in the midwest) but I'm better at it now. :-) Sometimes I miss the more casual etiquette from home, but I have grown to enjoy the new customs, however different they are in a subtle way. It is nice to be out of the Bible belt. While the Jehovah's Witnesses may knock on my door every once in a blue moon, I have nary a co-worker or friend who is overly religious, thinks I'm possessed by Satan and wants to take me to their church above anything else in our relationship. Nope, that kinda thing just doesn't fly here and I like it that way.

Yep, it's an awesome place and I don't ever see myself going back. Ah, so much more to say but my son is bugging for more food right this very second. Gawr!!
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My home state is Oklahoma, I grew up near Kansas where the plains are so vast you can see the horizon. Talk about NOTHING to do! I hear ya! The nearest mall was two hours away and nothing was open past 7 pm. I love going to center city (philly) at night, it is bustling, the people are diverse and interesting and more accepting of strangeness, the entertainment options are endless, not to mention just enjoying the night sky, lights and old architecture. I could never leave. <br />
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Thank you for asking how I'm doing. Each day gets a little better. I still miss him and I still have a little hope that one day we'll reconnect but until then, I'm just focusing on getting out of here now. So much to catch up on with fall cleaning and getting a job. I hope you are doing well too? :-)

Ha! Well, I didn't get to finish this story because of interruptions by my little boy :-P but there are some things I definitely miss about the midwest so I didn't mean to come off as a midwest hater. LOL. But there are some nice aspects to living here. It is isolating in a way though because I miss my family very much. If our friendship continues OP, I'll show you around the NE sometime. :)