JERSEY Girl With Ny Flare


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That's funny to find that out cause I was in New Jersey in March.... wish we could have met up./....

Geez. An axe on a school bus? Something wrong there. We have crow bars attached to the floor behind the driver. Every September, first thing I do, I take that crow bar and shove it under my seat. Some of the kids I drive are being schooled outside of their districts because of behavior problems. They are all impulse. And that crow bar is just begging to be picked up and used in some poor kids impulse control emergency. Ouchie Mommy!

Okay, Annie...I should probably write this as a story, but let me tell you a little older boy is autistic and therefore on a "little bus" with other special needs kids. One day I rec'd a call from transportation and the local police. It seems that there was an axe on the bus....a big red one, with a long was there in case of fire or something...yea, well, one of the kids got hold of the axe and started swinging. THANK GOD, NO ONE WAS HURT!! I'm not even sure as to how things were put to rights, but honey....You have one of THE most difficult jobs on the planet. I bow down and honor you....literally...

Well I use to sub teach @ CPL in cranford I was very happy then. But there were some things I didnt like going on and I voiced my option and noone did anything about it. They didnt like that I was so optionated when it came to the children and layed me off. That rite there made me feel that my heart was way to big to deal with people and what they consider the rite and wrong thing to do.

I love children being a school bus driver or a teacher would be my dream job. I love to see there faces light up with joy. I love special needs children. The smallest things bring them joy that children there age or older do not. I love to see them smile/they are never a mistake/ god the universe whatever made them this way to teach us more about ourselves and tolerance. Believe me I have the patience of a saint my therapist told me after having my daughter in a session with me yesterday. SMH

The state trooper gave me a ticket for careless driving and speeding that *****...I told him the situation but he was a * not nice person, I guess he was just doing his job PS that made my insurance bill horribly ridioulous

MissyE, seriously, I hope they did!!!<br />
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Annie, you drive a school bus??? God Bless You Sister. My younger son is one of those kids who make bus drivers want to jump off a bridge at the end of their run. No, I am not gloating. I'm empathizing, and sympathizing....Needless to say, I tip the driver's very well during the holidays, and the end of the year...LOL

Jersey Girls Have That Inner Glow That Makes Them More Beautiful Than Any Other Girl-Jon Bon Jovi <br />
How about that ladies. Smile...Oh yes I have had some issues with speeding down the parkway near homdel SMH oh well.

Ugh, I need a new I'm from Jersey story....LOL

Yeah we do although we get the funkiness that comes along with it Annie...

Yeah I always go to Franks in Newark for thin and crispy. The best pizza is in Hoboke though mmmm...I love Pizza. This is why most Jersey Girls have a little more meat on there bones LOL

I'm from all over, but a lot of Essex. Grew up mostly in Nutley, but have lived in West and South Orange, Bloomfield, Lyndhurst, Rutherford... then also Clifton, Parsippany, Denville and of course Hoboken and Jersey City. (there were other places, too, but I can't remember them all, lol)<br />
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Me too!<br />
im in hudson.