Tales of a New York City Cabbie

Hello folks has anyone out there ever been to NYC and taken a taxi ride well if you haven't its something you have to do if you ever visit the Big Apple I'm born and raised there and drove a taxi cab on the night shift most of my adult life, I'm irish And Italian if you wanna know where the good resturants are what good movie to see what good hotel to stay in or you just wanna know what interesting thing there are to do in NY just ask a Cabbie i really enjoy my job especially in the rain and around the holidays thats when NYC takes on a whole different type of atmosphere there seems to be something really special in the air i have met some really nice people in my cab and i have also met some real a**h**** but for the most part the ones i deal with are ok nighttime in Ny is a hole different ball game you really have to be on your game to be a cabbie on the night shift although i can honstly say that in the years i have been a cabbie i have never felt thet i was in any type of danger doing my job so folks if your planing to pay a visit to the Big Apple anytime soon have a good time and always be nice to the cabbies

BobbieMac75 BobbieMac75
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

What borough do you mainly drive your taxi in? I've ridden in NYC taxis, and I've often wondered how anyone drives there at all! It seems like if it's not the crazy drivers it's the crazy pedestrians walking right out in front of you from nowhere, so it's great that you enjoy your job. I've seen some overly-aggressive taxi drivers too, but I'm SURE you're not one of those :)

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