Always A New Yorker

My early days were spent on Central Park West and I attended Barnard, and grad school at Columbia. Once established I moved to The Village and still live there. There is no place in the world like New York City. I have spent extended periods in Rome, Paris, Stockholm, and Dublin, and while I love them dearly, when I return to NYC, I am home.
Each neighborhood is its own village; has it's own taste, its own vibe, its own culture. Like everywhere else it has its good places and its great places, and around the corner it has its bad places. Yes, it can be corrupt but its not the city that makes it so, its the elected personages that are responsible. Look at Chicago, LA, New Orleans, Detroit; any city, major or minor and you'll find corrupt politicians rising to the top and spoiling it for personal gain. New York has one advantage, we have more of them to replace the corrupt ones, and who rule for awhile as they're supposed to before the corrupters get to them. Then then we throw them out and bring in new ones.
New York, it's a wonderful town
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Do you think New York is going back down hill once again?

The headquarters of my company is in NYC. I worked in the city for about 17 years. I still look forward to my bimonthly trips. I love it for all of the sub cultures, architecture, small restaurants, and of course the beautiful women.

I travel to New York on business and have come to love the place. I have a client company on the upper east side and enjoy visiting them given all there is to do in the city. New Yorkers are often called aggressive and unfriendly but that's not my experience. And I don't know of a city that's more accommodating to pedestrians than NYC

good stuff, I'm born and raised..;)