I Miss Ny...

 I was born and raised In Middletown,NY when i was 12 we moved to florida..I miss being in NY during fall and the winter time it was so nice up there seeing the leaves change and the snow falling..I havent seen snow in forever!!..i also liked to go hiking and swimming up at Mohawk Mountain...one day I will go back and visit..

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ughhh i love NY i miss it so much,i lived in Brooklyn(Bensonhurst) for a bit and I lived in Upper East Side&Soho.It was the best,I love the fall there&I plan to move back there in a year or so,I left new york a month before 9/11,quite a bit of my family still lives there.I don't love the snow,but I miss the weather there and I love having all 4 seasons.I know it's going to be expensive but I never thought that we would actually leave&now I'm ready to head back to the place I call home.Maybe I'll live in the village or chelsea:)

Hi, fellow New Yorkers! I also am from NY, I've lived in Long Island ( Merrick, Seaford, Massapequa, Coram, Bellmore, and Baldwin.) I moved to Florida in 1994, and I've always wanted to take a trip back there. Most of my family are still there. I really do not get along with them anymore, or hear from them. I've heard it has changed a lot since I was last there, and would like to check it out. I miss it!!

I loved Middletown. The Switch Inn by the cozy little train station. Tony Boffo's pizza. A great place.

My grandpa was from Long Island I think I been there once when i was a kid.

I miss Manhattan so much, i am in FL too now. I lived in Astoria and then (gasp) Long Island.