Lower Manhattan, The Upper West Side

I lived in NYC until I was 30 years old. I loved it. I thrived on it. I wasn't crazy about Stuyvesant Town, where we lived for my first few years, but I adored living in the West Village (corner of MacDougall and Waverly, for those of you who know the city).

After I moved away from my parents--even a great apartment in the west village couldn't overcome that drawback--I lived on East Seventh Street briefly before I moved to 99th Street and Broadway, one of those glorious old pre-war high-rises, where my living room as big enough to have a grand piano in the corner. I loved it. The building was primarily musicians, and my friends and I even rented a studio apartment for a while to use as a practice studio, or just as a place to get together and play music. I also worked for the Metropolitan Opera for a while, a once-in-a-lifetime job I was crazy enough to give up when I moved out of New York.

I live in Florida now, but I miss New York like crazy. Florida is much more affordable than New York, and that's why I'm here. If I ever win the lottery (big time win, no $5K deal) I'll be back to NYC in a heartbeat!

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6 Responses Mar 22, 2010

I was in new york for a week or so staying off w.87th between broadway n columbus back in 2007. I saw much of manhattan as well as parts of williamsburg and south brooklyn. I have to say if i ever found myself moving there, I would prefer the upper west or battery park city. those were my 2 favorite areas Expensive though!

The rents were really terrible, even when I moved out in 1976. Best deal I ever had was a rent-controlled aparstment on the upper west side. One bedroom, high floor, huge rooms, for $154.00 a month. I kid you not!

Im tired of living in nyc with these crazy high rents. I'm planning on moving to somewhere else.but i know i will miss this city

I moved from the UWS around Morningside Heights/beginning of Harlem when I was 29 to California when I got married. I still love NYC and go back twice a year. I love the villiage. I went to HS down in that area..

Thanks--it was!!

Sounds glorious. :)