I will never understand why, but I love North Dakota. Not only was I born in Bismarck, North Dakota, but I live in Mandan now. I am 13 and I can name plenty of times the snow was up past the door step, or the road was blocked so I couldn't get to school. Unlike how most people think, people who live here know it's not always cold. Today the temperature was well past 100 degrees. I guess the way it is it's either 10 below or 85.

Life is fun here. A little boring, but fun. I have heard North Dakota is the friendliest state in the nation, and I suppose the proof is how people wave at each other at stoplights. It's hard to imagine that rarely happens any where else. There is also not alot to do in North Dakota, so I shake my head at the commercials saying how you should travel here, because growing up I had always though, "Why come to North Dakota? There's nothing here!" Frankly I still think it, but I guess more people here never hurt anything.

Still, I absolutely love it here. I love how the snow piles up in the winter, and how some days it is so hot outside that you really don't want to go any where but the river. I guess what really gets me is the people here. Maybe people are right, North Dakota is the friendliest state in the nation, as unpredictable as the weather may be.

Kciarak Kciarak
2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I grew up in Bismarck and have lived in Mandarin since 1965. I am a retired English teacher and taught MHS until 1996 when I retired. I have traveled around the US and there is no place I would rather be than right here.

I too grew up in Mandan. Left for the military in 1977 right out of high school. Love to go back and visit family and friends. I have lived many places in the US since leaving, and you are right...NoDak is one of the most friendly places in the country.