Oklahoma City

 I am in Oklahoma City. (moved to Norman 15 miles to the south) To those of us around here that in it's self is no big deal. Try being from Oklahoma and talking to people that are sure things aren't the same except where they are.

While in California, as a truck driver at a shipping dock, I asked the shipping supervisor when they thought they wanted the freight at it's delivery point. (Going to the East Coast)

At this time I reminded them the second I step in the cab of the truck I am 3 hours behind. Because of the 3 hour time zone difference between California and North Carolina and for fun I brought up daylight savings time. Here is where I learn from this college grad and bi-lingual Babe. She didn't know anyone in any other state did daylight savings time. I asked how long has she been running the shipping and receiving department. She says 3 years?

So I ask you, do you see anything wrong with this picture?

My next short story is about a question I was asked when I was in you guessed it, California. I was asked if we ever had any trouble with the Indians?

This was something I could not resist saying. "Well, sometimes we can be going down the highway and we will have to pull our cars in a circle and wait for the highway patrol."

I am sorry to report that statement was bought hook-line and sinker.

Not so much east coast as west coast, but many places around the country think of Oklahoma as still the old wild west. Dirt floor houses and business and riding horses everywhere.

Damn, don't they have photo post cards of other places besides their beaches? Doesn't look like they do. They could Google Major City Skylines and Oklahoma City shows up.

Across the board, you are going to find the same thing going on in any city the same crap going on in Los Angles. It must be hard for so many to believe we have several major Interstates that crisscross our state. OMG, they have an Interstate?


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I'm in Oklahoma quite often and find the people to be friendly and easy to talk to - and I haven't seen a full head dress in at least four years. Good grief - that Chesapeake Energy building in downtown OKC should be enough to convince anyone that Oklahoma is in the big times now.

Yea it has for sometime now. Ever since they got their business cards printed and on the stands.....Post cards of their Skyline.....;-) humor
There is even a Skyline restaurant that is an OLD truck stop very run down. I think they used to hitch horses there.;-)

yes sir ")