Ill Do What It Takes

pakistan is a nice place if i could go there i would in a heart beat if it took getting killed to be there i would choose to get killed its worth dieing over i belong in the middle east  i belong were its dangerous i wish to be in a dangerous place and my life at risk anyone reading this please pray for me this is my wish i wanna be were its dangerous and not safe

chrismoniz chrismoniz
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Pakistan is not worth dying over, and neither is any country, there is reference about the Dajjal (anti-christ)wandering around and people, they won't be using passports, so get a grip and fear God.

Who would wish to pray for something stupid? The wars today created by corrupt people are not worth getting involved, it is something to avoid at all sides. Stay away and guard your soul instead of being involved in killing someone, respect everyone including non-Muslims, we disagree with them, but that doesn't mean that you go against, they are not responsible, there is hardship and problems that they too face, your neighbours etc, you should concentrate on praying and helping others, instead of glorifying war as if you been playing on a violent computer game.

One thing in favour of Pakistan -- they cane boys and youths when they have done wrong.<br />
Pity they have such a rotten cricket team at the moment, though!