I am from scranton home of the office!  home of coal and The Office!!  Its boring but its home! 

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I'm from the area as well. I completely understand!

i live in scranton too its ok

Wow it's really sad reading all these comments! I live in Australia, born and raised here, but my Mum is from Scranton, and I've grown up with stories of the glorious childhood she had there! Okay, so that was back in the 1930's, but it's still a shame that Scranton is like you guys say it is now. Nowhere stays the same forever.

I love it here...but it's a joke. Whenever i travel i feel sad for Scranton. We are covered in potholes and assh*les

I would say it helps because this city is ridiculous. Our City Council meetings are on You Tube. But it does help our local economy we had an Office convention where thousands of people from all over the country showed up.

Do you think that show helps or hurts peoples' opinion of your state?