My Home Is Texas

I was born and raised in a small town in Texas, close to the Red River and Oklahoma. Just a few weeks ago we went on our family vacation, all the way to Corpus Christi. It was a long ride and we went through some towns I've never even heard of. The long ride was worth it to see and play in the ocean. While there we got the pleasure of being stung by jellyfish, eating at my favorite restuant Blackbeard's where the food is amazing,and going to the National Sea Shore where we found a lot of seaweed and trash brought in by Alex (hurricane alex) but I managed to find about 8 sand dollars, to get to them we had to go about 10 out of the 60 miles of beach there because the farther you go the less people and the more shells and other cool stuff you'll find. We left just in time too, the town was being filled with FFA people because the state FFA convention was being held there. I will never forget the trip,mostly because I have pictures and knowing what a jellyfish sting feels like.
planet50person planet50person
18-21, F
Jul 22, 2010