When are you guys going to produce another down and dirty female blues singer like Janis Joplin? I mean, my God it's been 30 odd years since she passed.

You KNOW she can only come from Texas....we are not talkin about Delta Blues here...and not that Allman Bros Georgia stuff....I mean Texas Trailer Park pregnant at 17 heart done been trampled on too many times **** kickin blues.

Somewhere, in Port Arthur or Sweetwater or some such there's blues power corked in a bottle, waiting to be released.

Please, keep an eye out for her....we're gettin' tired of waiting.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

We shall see...

New Orleans (nawlens), 2006. A young lady takes the stage. SShe belts out a tune that could do Jainis justice. I sit there, listening to her. She is Janis, revisited. She is great. I tell her that she has a gift that must be shared. She disappears. I hope that one day she will reveal her gift. She was great, that day. I don't even know her name.