I am originally from west Texas reveal moved to the hill country. Any neighbors?
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DFW area

Beaumont. Not close but still Texas :)

I live in burleson tx. It's south of Fort Worth.

Hello neighbor hope all is well

I used to live in Austin TX

Moved away? Why?

Job and family

Makes sense

I'd love to move back I so miss Texas

Where are you

Vancouver Washington

Oh but it rains there!! If I ever leave I want to go toe Oregon or Washington.

The summers here are great , but October through March suck

Why? That would be my favorite time. I

It's boring rain not storms

I mean love thunder storms but rain is just boring

It's better than snow, I'm from chicago

No!!! I love the snow too. I love Texas but it's the wrong climate for me

I love and hate the snow

Any rain is good rain

Any rain is good but when you get it day after day it gets old, just like hot weather is nice but when you have 40 days in a row of 100+ that gets old too

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I'm a far north neighbor. live in the Dallas area.

Hello neighbor!!!

And a big Hello back at ya!

Tyler here. Very distant neighbors I guess.

Neighbors non the less