Dork Femme Fatale....

- I love astronomy and physics made simple and lust for Prof. Brian Cox.
- I wear invisible line black rimmed bifocals.
- I write explicit slash/femmeslash and het fan fiction.
- I have one-of-a-kind BBC SHERLOCK bracelets.
- I wear a perfume oil called "The Oncoming Storm".
- I have TARDIS and sonic screw driver themed merchandise.
- I would definitely do both Captain Picard and Seven of Nine.
- Captain Jack Harkness is my lover.
- I cried when I missed out on a chance to meet James Marsters this year.

Any further questions? These are Doctor who, Torchwood, Star Trek and Buffy/ Angel references...if you didn't get them, I'm a sexy lit dork as well, but please, no Austen.
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Do you have a motorised chair ?

How little are you Hun ?

Little? I'm almost 35...and height wise if I could stand (motorised chair due to cerebral palsy) I am 5'4".

Oncoming storms make sailors flee.....

I might hang around for the dark rimmed glasses though....


HeHe... Don't worry, it's a Doctor Who thing.

Trust is warranted when you have been treated well....


*blows kiss*