Home of the Vampiric Dinosaurs

Thousands of generations our old antiquated fleet of research ships made it to this solar system only to have their equipment short out in the precense of Sol.  Many were taken in different directions and crashed on several planets.  However a few planets did crash here on Earth, their final destination.  The crash was immense enough to trigger an extinction event in one part of the world.  Creatures that looked similar to Rexivarians...primitive versions were lying dead everywhere. 


I am from ISS Gargan.  It has been over 65 million years but finally our planet has dispatched a far more advanced group to study humans.  However, an error occurred during our entrance into the world.  Each of us was to extract our souls and place them in a human shell.  The process was to send us to a similar vicinity.  Unfortunately many of the souls got distributed throughout the globe.  I am seeking the rest of my crew so that we may finally meet up and get on with the rest of our mission.


Rowa senar!

SirDaniel SirDaniel
22-25, M
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Are you a star seed or a walk-in?

Yes of course.

Is this true?