I hate Wisconsin, i live in a town of about 24,000 ppl.  Since i am underage there is NOTHING to do here! Yes, we do have a bar on every corner down Main St, sometimes 2 or 3 on one block, but im underage.. so yeah.. otherwise it pretty much sucks here... im not a farm person, i love the big city...

i plan on moving to ohio when i go off to college

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I also live in Wisconsin and it's so boring here man.

What makes you think there's more to do in a big city? The cool thing about living in a small town is that kids often make their own things to do and learn more because of it. Also, I've been there, bars lose their glamour really quick after you turn 21. There's only so many times you can pass out on some bar's bathroom floor before you realize that this is totally lame. <br />
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Ohio, huh? Another state with nothing but small towns... good luck.