What Is Your Favorite Part Of Wisconsin??

Hey fellow people...  I love this site.  Anyway, I am originally from appleton, I hate appleton.  Now I am living in La Crosse, LOVE La Crosse, but will be moving back soon to be closer to my boyfriend....  I also LOVE being up north, around the Minoqua area, and I LOVE Door County.  That would probably be my favorite place.  :-D

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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

I like the the Hayward area, its is a great place if your a outdoorsman like me----but I do also like eagle river----up to waters meet in mi.------I to like Door County but it is a tourist trap.---Can you beleive it that I live so close to the Green Bay Packers( 13 miles) and never been to a game. I use to go to the Bars to watch the game but that become old news when you get older.