Just a frozen black void of freezing mass where my heart should be!

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Call it what you want to call it, but I dont fight girls or people who can't fight back,

Fights are never fair, that would be sparing.

I don't fight girls anyway. It isn't a fair fight.

Don't believe, I don't care. We're never gonna meet to see who kicks who's *** anyway.

Maybe a little tasmin huh?

Well you haven't got a frozen black heart ..

just how i like it.

how am i pretending?

I dunno about a smile maybe a grr face

Arorin, you are the biggest pretender .. ever!

You could just take one of mine right now if you wanted. Or do you want a personal one with both of us in it lol?

If I get what I am after I will go down in history lol.

Not not going to be proud until I get what it is i am after,

That is where we change because I turned to hate to get me by, until all that hate was going to physically kill me. I am letting it go now.

yeah even with as strong as I am I always use my brain to survive. There is nothing in this world stronger then a little bit of knowledge. I still dont know how you got by though.

You lost more then I ever have and yet you stand strong. You are the strong one here.

I am above average strength but I am not a freak of strength, and all of my past accomplishments are before I ever came to ep. I just hit a slow time in my life for now.

I know you don't have to be bulky to be strong. My brother is 5'7" 140-150 pounds and can bench 300 pounds. He is super skinny looking. You don't have to be bulky, but I don't believe you or your friends on any of this any more. You all aren't that rare especially people who spend this much time on ep.

I believe you Aeko! Not bulky people can be really strong ! On TV ( not a movie! ) I saw 2 very strong usa men that went to thailand and they had trouble pulling a croco but a short skinny thai man could do it ! It's called 'superhuman' in enlish I think...

yeah I suppose that is something we could do.

Ive seen those shows before. Everyone is on roids. Every last one of them is..

I just simply don't believe you. It is as easy as that. If you can do what you say you can do then your one of the only women in this world who can do that. I don't believe you are that rare.

I'm not skinny, I'm a woman, we weight less cause we ain't bulky. My bad for the weight, I only did times 2 to kilograms, shoulda did times 2,2. I weight like 95-100kg, that makes roughly 215lbs. And I'm not bullshitting, learn that you can be hella strong and not look like the hulk. Yes I can bench 360lbs, what's it, can't you mr.universe ?

This person is lying to me now sweetmeisje so ignore it. Biologically the body can only do so much with its weight, and being 6'7" at only 180 pounds is really skinny. Not nearly enough muscle to do as described... This is all just one big lie like i thought it was, but I didn't forget our plan.

So then you can bench press 360 pounds? I find that really hard to believe. 6'7" or not.

Don't need to hit hard, just the right spot. And no matter how hardened your body, if I can break a log, I will hurt you. I weight like 180 lbs or so for 6'7'' and can bench about double that, I'm pretty sure I could move you.

You have to remember as well though when you are that close to me in a hold the power in your hits are not as strong, but I don't only do BJJ i am also a wrestler. That is how I mainly got into real fighting as a kid and not just fighting on the streets. I know how to keep people in spots to were they cant move either arms or legs, and I can do it fast. I am confident that other the my head area you couldn't hurt me anywhere else on my body unless you went below the belt in which case there is nothing I can do about that area... My arms are so big that one arm held up can cover my entire face. I have a great guard. I am not built up looking like a body builder. I am 229 pounds. For my height i am 30 pounds over weight and I am working on that right now, but I am not in bad shape in the least I just have bad eating habits. Use to only eat once a day and as strange as that is you build up weight from it. <br />
<br />
I dunno what you are saying. I think it is more fun to be reminded just how strong I really am.

Ha, I know. XD Lol, that's not why I choose you, Aeko!<br />
<br />
Arorin, it's just fun. I enjoy being reminded that I'm not as strong as I think I am. And I think I'd like being able to punch someone without worrying that I'll get in trouble for hurting them. I've mud wrestled with my ex a few times, but that wasn't legit. We were doing it more for the sexuality of it than anything. The only fight I've been in that wasn't with my little brother or wrestling with my older brother or dad, was with this other friend of mine. She could've kicked my ***, I'm sure (considering she's a black belt in something, whereas I have no learned fighting expereince), but she didn't want to hurt me or anything.

XCRevolution-It wouldn't really be fighting, but picking me is a good choice seeing as Ghost's idea of immobilizing is to make drop numb by hitting a nerve cluster ( or however the **** it's called )

Arorin-I sure understand that you're confident you can take a lot of abuse, I am too ( hooray hard body training ), but I wouldn't let Ghost hit me on purpose, she hits damn hard and she knows where to. We're not all build up like you ( gotta stay hot ) but we, and especially Ghost, are really fit and conditioned. You're right, men's bodies are naturally stronger and it's pretty likely you've got more brute strengh, but jujitsu ground holds ain't as easy as grabbing, you've still got to keep hold, put to the ground and position yourself for the hold. Might sound easy since you're strong, but don't forget the one you grabbed knows literally hundreds of striking spots that can either really hurt, paralyse or outright kill you. As for me, I'd probably hit myself on hard surfaces on the side you're at ( it worked before ). I'm more and more interested in meeting ya. Though I'd laugh so hard if she just sidestep OHKed you !

I mostly do ground game fighting but MMA sparing can be full contact. Most the time start out at 50 percent and all of that kind of stuff. Why are you looking to get hurt?

sparing is when you pretend fight, right? they do that at my little brother's tae-kwon-do belt things... what are they called? where you have to spar and do the little hand motions... form! where you have to spar and show that you know your form before you can get the next belt. what's that called? it doesn't look fun. i want to do the kind where you get to be super physical, like you could seriously get hurt. Is that still sparing?

Sparing can be fun.

I wanna fight someone!!! I'd love to fight Aeko, more than anything. I would surely lose within the first second, even if hands were tied behind backs, but I still enjoy fighting with people. I don't get the chance often. When I do, it's against my little brother, so it's not exactly fair.

6 car crashes is insane.. I can see fender benders, but a real bad car crash? That seem abnormally unlucky to me..

The thing is skill can only take you so far. I know this for a fact. Even if there is a skillful girl fighter she is still going to be at such a huge disadvantage to me it isn't even funny. I am not a striker. I suppose I could strike if I wanted too, but since I dont feel anything due to my bodies abnormal amounts of adrenaline it produces I can't even feel myself make the punch so I don't like to strike. Due to my strength if I grab a hold of any one of you skill or not you can no longer move, and you wont be strong enough to move me. You can have all the skill in the world at a ground game but if you aren't physically strong enough to move someone else you aren't going to beat them on the ground. That is true almost 99% of the time. Not to mention I also have a lot of skill to go down with it. <br />
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Also with as much as I worked on my body you have to hit me harder for it to do damage. You could hit me any where on my body and you wont even phase me. Sure there are certain points you can't build muscle on and they are open, but those places are small and I have very strong bones. I use to hit myself everywhere for years to build up density in them. I can also block those areas if I need to do so. <br />
<br />
You all could be great fighters, but that doesn't change that you all are at a huge disadvantage against me. I never been slashed by a katana, but I have been stabbed over 18 times in my life. <br />
<br />
Biologically the human body can only take and do so much. As a girl your bodies physically can't do as much as a mans. It isn't sexist it is biology. Still I can't prove myself here with words alone I can only prove myself in a fight. I don't just randomly fight any more for the sake of fighting. I either do it out of protection, or a competition. If we did ever see each other I wouldn't mind sparing, but just so you know that isn't a fight.

First, she wasn't the one driving ( although she happens to be half-asian ). She doesn't feel pain either and I'm pretty sure there isn't much worse than katana slashes. Again, when say strong, we don't mean pure physical strengh, we mean the ability to fight. Lou Ferigno can't beat a kung fu master.

I saw ( so to speak ) her sidestep and counter attack a guy tryin' to hit her in the back, that look on his face was priceless. ( If you wanna know, it was the bouncer tryin' to stop the barfight I started by smashin' a drunk perv's beer on his head ). Oh, and, if we meet I won't attack ya with a nearby ob<x>ject, but the rest was all good, 6'7'' of strong woman. Seriously, just 'cause you never saw strong ( in the sense of good at fighting ) girls don't mean there ain't any, that was our point basically. We're not askin' anyone to fear us over the internet, that'd be retarded ( no Inoue, you're not retarded, just really ******* weird ).

6 car crashes huh? Do you all happen to be female asian drivers? There is no doubt I am tougher. I been through a lot more then what you describe. I don't even feel any pain until the fight is over. I can't feel anything in a fight. The fact is I am not scared of any of you. I am a great fighter, and I have never seen a strong women who didnt pop steroids. It isn't possible for your body to be built up as much as mine is with out them. It isn't biologically possible..

Look, she ain't angry, takes a hell more than that. Don't know how tall you are but she's 5'10'', not short. Bigger and weight more that's a given. Stronger..for lifting, odds are you're right if you can do more than 250 or so lbs, for hitting can hit pretty hard if you know the right way. Tougher made me laugh, Ghost walked away from 6 car crashes, does kendo with real katanas, got slashed from shoulder to hip and she's still clocking. I'm the one who causes trouble, don't confuse. And there ain't any worries, my girl chew a helluva lot. 'Nother thing, I remember tellin' ya she ain't one to play nice, and anyway it's not like a random ****** ( not talking of you ) stands any chance. As for skill,knowledge and speed...skill is each in their own disciplines ( though her main one's about OHKs ), knowledge, if it's somethin' she's interested in, then her easy, she reads and studies a lot. Speed, well I never saw you fight, but Ghost's really ******' fast.

look you can get upset all you want, but you are still fighting over the internet. You don't know me, and I don't know you. There is always someone better and I could very well be better. I have a huge advantage over you already. I am taller, have longer reach on my arms, tougher, stronger, bigger, weigh more. These are all fact. Now what isn't fact is who has more skill, knowledge, speed. If you want to go around always causing trouble that is fine, but try not to bite off more then you can chew. There are people who arent as nice as I am and would really hurt you if you decided to attack them.

While it is indeed true that females are less muscular by nature, training can make us strong nonetheless. You know nothing of me and I can not care to waste my time teaching such a feeble imbecile. I know how science works as I am a purely logical person. I know my arts rather deeply. And I know quite a lot about psychology, enough so that no one even suspects me of being emotionless. I could not manipulate people as I do without considerable knowledge of how their minds work. As I previously mentioned, we will most likely never meet, so believe what you want and so will I. If we do meet ever meet, I will be a long-haired black clad woman and Aeko will be the scarred, tattooed, two meter tall woman assaulting you with a nearby ob<x>ject.

Inoue it isn't americans that think they are the best, but it is in our human nature to think we are the best. That is simple psychology, so that was pretty racist. And I am not being sexist it is biology that girls bodies aren't built as strong as a normal mans. Everything is a science even the fact that you all aren't very strong even if you "think" you are. <br />
<br />
Now then I lived on the streets my entire life where I woke up everyday wondering am i going to live past this day or not? I am not scared of your friends. I dont care if they actually are dangerous.I dont care if I die, but i am not scared of them so get that through your little head already. <br />
<br />
You all are really dumb. You don't know anything about science, fighting or even psychology. Everything you all say is wrong no matter what the topic is...

Aeko, do not become too worked up, we will most likely never meet this person. Inoue, stop bothering, if someone can make a kind and cheerful person such as you angry, then you should end interaction with said individual. LordOfNightmares, you have a knowledge and impression of myself that Arorin can not seem to grasp, it is almost certain that you will fail to change his viewpoint.

lol so funny watching you all trying to be so strong ooooo! <br />
<br />
As for the science of fighting ninjustu isnt even close to being the best out there. You can all believe what you want to believe but when that false sense of accomplishment gets you killed or in trouble don't come asking me for help. You all just watch way to much tv or something. Btw my experiences in fighting is so great I have as many fights that are past the thousands. So forgive me if I dont find a pack of girls scary.

Well I'll be damned ! Congrats man, I think you angered Inoue ! Seriously though I got to agree with the ladies here, Ghost and Aeko smash logs and bricks, and Ghost kicked a sensei's ***...I mean, can you ? Sure karate ain't the best I'll give you that, but it's still a martial art sensei, and she's not even 20 yet ! As for 'facts' ( sorry we're really bashing your arguments ) do you know the show 'Science of combat' ? They proved that even though it wasn't the fastest moving or hardest hitting style, ninjutsu was the most dangerous. I dunno but I just get the feeling that Ghost is someone you REALLY don't want to **** off, and you...well, chances are you fight better than me seeing as I don't train all that much, but I don't get the sense of danger, just 'ah well, he'll probably beat me' rather than 'Holy ****, I'm so ******* dead ! ) Ok I'll stop now, I'm rambling.

Inoue thinks you're a sexist meanie. Aeko and GhostInTheFog are the strongest girls ever ! Inoue also thinks your facts are biased because usa people always say they're better. Inoue hopes you meet them so they can scare you to death !

You're 18-21, can't be much above 18. And tell us mr.knowitall, what works better than killing in one shot ? Ghost ain't some spoiled sporty *****, she's a ******' prodigy, heard it from her gramps and sensei. I've been in hundreds of fights ( bad temper ) and she's the only one I can't beat. Not to mention psychological advantages, for one, you think woman can't be strong, and two, she won't have second thoughts on severely hurting you, when she can break a bone she will, and third ( maybe, I dunno how ya see that ) she won't be 'honorable' , she's pragmatic and always got a knife on her, first opening equals severed nerve and/or open artery. Handicapped and dyin' people don't fight too well from my experience.

Cant lose it that way.

When I meet a strong girl I will let you know.

Yay! Aeko is there too ! Aeko is very strong too !

You can say what you want, but the fact is fighting is nothing more then a science. Everything has already been proven. MMA is what i do. MMA is a little bit of everything. It is everything that has proven to work in a real life scenario and put into a art. The fact is you can argue your case over and over if you want but it has already been proven that I am right. You can't argue with the greatest minds who study all of this deeper then you or I ever will. So if you dont agree with me, then either you watch to many movies and "think you know" what you are talking about or you never been in a real fight before.<br />
<br />
No I am not 18 years old but okay.

An 18 brat who thinks he can beat Ghost ? Pop your bubble ******, that ain't even a fight.

I have fought your style before, 'once I am close' as you put it, I will have already hit you. There is too many ways to incapacitate and debilitate for you to prevent them all. Also grabbing me is a poor idea, I will simply break your arm. Furthermore, I do not limit myself to ninjutsu, I also practice aikido, kendo, kenjutsu, Iaijutsu as well as having knowledge of kung fu, krav maga and dropped karate after deeming it useless following my defeat of the sensei. Were you an older and more experienced martial artist I might have considered you standing a chance.

yeah I can hit you behind the ear and kill you with a single blow it isn't hard. I can also block a critical area on my body very easy. The fact is ninjutsu is a useless style because once you get close to me I am going to grab you, and when I do you will be useless in every way. This has already been proven as well.

@Arorin-In both cases you have not extended your search far enough. The most effective martial art is ninjutsu, I could kill with a single swift strike if I so wished.<br />
<br />
@Inoue-I lost my composure a few times before and preferences are technically emotions, I am not absolutely devoid of feelings, simply very close.

I dont mind.

I don't know much about martial arts so I asked her to come see here, do you mind ?

I practice MMA, but I do bjj. In my own personal opinion there is no style better then that for a 1 on 1 fight.

Are you a martial artist ? GhostInTheFog is one too, a real life ninja !

It might be sexist, but I never met one who was stronger then myself, or even close to being so. I been fighting for 20 years, and I know strong when I see it...

She's a ninja ! No kidding ! It's true ! And saying girls aren't strong is sexist ! I can beat my friend at arm wrestling and I'm in really good shape too !

Well I dunno in my eyes girls aren't very strong so I dont see any fear.

I think she really doesn't have any so she sounds really creepy..she's also very strong. I'm confused because I don't know if I should find her awesome or terrifying...

Why is she scary? People who dont know me think I am cold because I don't show emotion. Just because i dont show it doesnt mean I dont have it though.

I musn't so bad ! Are you really so cold ? I saw a story that's really like this one, it's on the group 'I am untouchable' and it's titled 'A Ghost in the fog' .The author is a really scary person, but she' super cool at the same time ( Haha! super cool ! It's a pun !! )